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How To Get Discovered in the New Music Industry

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Recording Artist

In the age of digital media and global connectivity, the path to becoming a recognized recording artist has evolved dramatically, especially in more recent years. 

While the days of record label talent scouts scouring smoky bars and live music venues  may not be entirely gone, today's recording artists have a plethora of avenues to get discovered. 

In this blog, I want to explore some of the key ways recording artists can achieve that coveted breakthrough in the new music industry.


Talent and Craftsmanship

It all starts with music talent and a deep commitment to honing one's craft.

Recording artists must invest countless hours in perfecting their musical skills, whether it's singing, songwriting, or mastering an instrument such as the piano or guitar 


Social Media and Online Presence

The internet has democratized the new music industry. Recording artists can use platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and more recently TikTok to showcase their talents to a global audience. Consistent and engaging content can attract fans and industry attention.


Networking and Collaborations

Building a network within the music industry is essential. Collaborating with other musicians, producers, and songwriters can expose artists to new audiences and industry professionals who might help them get discovered.


Live Performances

Performing at local gigs, open mic nights, and industry showcases remains a tried-and-tested method of gaining exposure. A captivating live performance can leave a lasting impression on record label talent scouts and fans alike.


TV Music Competitions

Reality TV shows like American Idol, The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent have propelled many artists to stardom. Winning or even just participating in such competitions can provide valuable exposure and connections.

Top Tip. You need to be careful with Reality TV shows. Don’t enter it unless you are 100% sure it will be an excellent showcase for your talent . 

Also, in recent years, the popularity of these shows have waned - they don’t attract the same viewing figures they use too so don’t expect stardom just be appearing on them. 

Full disclosure - I got my own ‘big break’ by being a member of a vocal group who won a BBC Reality TV show back in 2008 but the music industry has changed so much since then.


Streaming Platforms

With the rise of Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services, artists now have a direct route to their fans. A catchy single or album can go viral, attracting both listeners and industry professionals.


Persistence and Resilience

Success in the new music industry often requires perseverance. Many artists face rejection and setbacks before they get discovered. Staying true to your artistic vision and never giving up are essential.



Getting discovered as a recording artist is a multifaceted journey that combines talent, hard work, and a bit of luck. 

In today's digital landscape, artists have more tools at their disposal than ever before. By leveraging social media, networking, live performances, and various promotional strategies, aspiring musicians can increase their chances of getting noticed by fans and industry professionals. 

The road to stardom may be challenging, but for those who remain dedicated and passionate about their craft, it's a journey worth taking.


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