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Amplify your music career in 2023 and unlock the keys to success with Resonate - the Music, Mindset & Marketing Blog for pro singers and indie recording artists.

Get industry insights and expert advice on the issues that matter most to recording artists like you.  

Resonate empowers you to navigate the challenges of the new music industry in 2023 whilst unleashing your full potential - encouraging you to grow and develop as a music artist.  

So lets connect and build a thriving music community that resonates with success!   

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We are Tryfan Music

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Tryfan Music is an artist development company dedicated to supporting emerging and established recording artists in building successful music careers. 

With a deep passion for music and a commitment to nurturing talent, Tryfan Music offers a range of services and resources designed to guide artists on their journey to success.  

Our mission is to empower artists, unlock their full potential, and provide them with the necessary tools and expertise to thrive in the music industry.  

We believe that every artist has a unique voice and story, and we are committed to helping them amplify their message and connect with a broader audience. 

Through 1:1 coaching, artist development programs and industry networking we help artists refine their skills so they can build successful careers in today's new music industry.  

So get in touch if you think you have what it takes!  


Resources for every stage of your music career. 

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